Re-structuring loans – The Methodology

As indicated in the previous blog (here) we strongly believe MSME loans will be restructured. We believe it will be a budgetary announcement and will be implemented before June 30th quarter. The idea will be to bring all the Books of Accounts in line with the actual affairs of the business. Mass restructuring is not […]

Restructuring Loans – The Need

Prior to Demonetisation Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) had a separate style of functioning. A lot of transactions used to happen in cash. Cash transaction does not mean unaccounted income or expenditure, even accounted income and expenditure used to happen in cash form. However, after the Demonetisation and introduction of GST cash-oriented economy suffered substantially. […]

Help us to help the SME community

We have so far uploaded about a thousand documents. These documents can be searched from the search box, they are extensively tagged. Our previous blog tells you what to expect. You can simply search the file in the search box. For e.g., If you need NDA you can simply type ‘nda’ within the search box. […]

Docskart – What to expect?

We want to provide some serious help to Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) in India. An SME employee is sometimes under-employed and as a result, he/she may have no clue how to handle a particular situation. Unlike big companies Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) cannot resort to extensive training of staff. Salary payable […]

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